Problems With Google Chrome Browser - not working at all

If you are Windows user and your Google Chrome Browser is not working, such as won't load any pages, page not displayed correctly, won't work at all after hitting the icon. Then after searching from the web, there are so many ways of resolving that problem but after you did what they said and you still facing the same problem, so, this is I think the best way you can do. Just follow the steps below.

1. Make sure that you have another working browser in your pc, like "internet explorer", "firefox", etc.

2. If you have no installer of google chrome browser, at least you have an internet connection.

3. Now, uninstall your google chrome browser from the "control panel".

4. Save all your work and restart your computer in "Safe Mode with Networking". To get there, you need to press F8 key before loading windows.

5. Connect your pc to the internet and locate your Chrome Installer from your hard drive or usb. If you don't have yet, just open your working browser then download Chrome and follow the steps of installation.  Once you successfully installed, make sure that you configured your chrome settings before restarting your pc in normal mode and that's it. Very simple, hope it solve your problem. You can post your comments here.


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